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We are a non for profit organization based in Winston Salem North Carolina.  Our mission is to provide yoga and healing arts for children and communities in need.  Our vision is to create a physically and emotionally healthy community for all by providing access to yoga and healing arts.

Breathing Access 501c3 is a non profit organization founded in 2013 dedicated to increasing access to trauma informed yoga and mindfulness practices for children and communities in need.

Our experience and research shows that yoga and mindfulness education increases academic performance and reduces negative behavioral incidents.

But what we offer is so much more!  Students develop team work and collaborative skills as well as improve their physical, mental and emotional health.  We help our young yogi’s of all backgrounds, cultures and body sizes, to feel confident and to thrive!

In the Spring of 2020, we led ongoing programs in six title one schools in Winston Salem K-12.  During COVID, we have provided free online classes to support parents and students in managing stress and regulating difficult emotions.

We are currently pursuing partnerships that will allow us to continue to offer programs in Winston Salem Forsyth County Schools to support teachers and staff, as well as students and parents.

Please consider supporting our organization by donating or reaching out with volunteer support or new ideas.  We’d love to hear from you!

I have seen first hand how our classes empower students to feel in control of their bodies and teaches them tools to calm their minds.  The children learn to works together and see each other as partners as they develop compassion and empathy.  I believe this program is extremely important for all students; in particular children who have experienced trauma so they can build resilience to befit them throughout their lives.

Christine Bloomfeld

Senior Yoga Instructor , Breathing Access 501c3