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Support for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools in 2021

1000+ students served

600+ staff served

16 schools served

Breathing Access 501(c)3 is a non-profit organization founded in 2013 and dedicated to increasing access to trauma-informed yoga, mindfulness, and healing arts education for children and communities in need.

Breathing Access brought a renewed spirit of hope and energy to my team.  Being equipped with tools to help them engage with students, even amidst unimaginable trauma and tragedy, made my teachers light up like I hadn’t seen in months.

Dr. Heather Horton

School Principal

I was meeting with a student today and she started having some anxiety. She stopped and independently used the alternate nostril breathing technique that she was taught in our sessions with Breathing Access. Please pass on that this is making a difference!
Rebecca Steintrager LCSW

Child and Family Support Team Social Worker, Carver High School

What a beautiful thing to belong to a community that cares about your mental health. #Carvercares
2021-2022 Breathing Access Participant

Classroom Teacher, Carver High School